Key industries



The automotive industry in Morocco boasts over 50 years of experience, tracing its roots back to the 1960s with the establishment of the first assembly line. Over the past decade, the Moroccan automotive sector has witnessed steady growth in export turnover, integration rate, the establishment of companies, and job creation.
Today, Morocco stands at the forefront of the African automotive industry, with a robust production capacity of 700,000 vehicles annually. The supply chain comprises 250 global players and SMEs catering to automotive facilities across 75 global export destinations. Leading international automotive companies are already operational in Morocco, with others expected to follow through. The development of new components aimed at achieving a higher integration rate presents significant opportunities for companies seeking to capitalize on a skilled workforce, attractive incentive packages, and a stable political climate.

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Morocco's aerospace industry has experienced remarkable growth, propelled by the competitive advantages the country offers. With state-of-the-art aeronautical production capacity, Morocco has attracted major international players, firmly establishing itself in the global market. Leveraging highly trained human resources and its strategic location, Morocco has become one of the most favored destinations for global aerospace leaders, cementing its position as a key player on the world stage. 

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The Moroccan textile industry has a deep-rooted historical expertise and is considered a flagship of the Moroccan industrial sector. It has demonstrated remarkable resilience and maturity, earning recognition for the "Made in Morocco" label worldwide, with the presence of major international players. Employing over 189,000 individuals, the textile sector ranks among the top employers in Morocco's industrial landscape.

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With over 60 years of experience, Morocco has established itself as a premier destination for international pharmaceutical production. Ranking second on the continent in terms of volume, the country has attracted several multinational companies seeking to expand their pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, leveraging Morocco as a key gateway to Africa. The pharmaceutical industry in Morocco operates under stringent regulations, ensuring that 65% of the country's pharmaceutical needs are met with refined quality production. These regulations encompass monitoring of pharmaceutical manufacturers, market positioning, and drug pricing.

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The agri-food industry stands as a cornerstone of the Moroccan economy, generating over $17 billion in annual revenue and providing employment for more than 161,000 individuals. As Morocco progresses towards internationalization, numerous foreign companies have chosen to invest in the country, drawn by its market potential and government incentives. This sector exhibits dynamism and resilience, ensuring the provision of competitive products to both local and export markets, thereby strengthening its prominent position and contributing to global growth.

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