Embassy of Morocco Celebrates Africa Day

Embassy of Morocco Celebrates Africa Day

Amrani Africa Day Embassy of Morocco
The Embassy of Morocco celebrated Africa Day 2024 with the participation of African ambassadors accredited in Washington D.C., high-level officials from the U.S. Department of State, political stakeholders, as well as representatives from civil society, NGOs, and renowned think tanks. As part of the celebrations, Ambassador Youssef Amrani moderated a high-level panel discussion themed "Education: A Matter of Unity, Coherence, and Inclusion," aligning with the current priorities of the AU for 2024 and fostering robust dialogue on pressing continental issues.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Youssef Armani underscored three key priorities. He highlighted the paramount significance of African unity and the perpetual pursuit for innovative approaches to advance collective aspirations. Additionally, he emphasized the pivotal role of education in furthering Africa’s interests, stressing the urgent necessity for innovative strategies to address the multifaceted challenges within the African educational landscape. Last, he called for immediate collective action, urging the mobilization of African resources, fostering belief in self-inherent capabilities, and the strategic realignment of African economies to prioritize development, promote growth, and foster wealth creation.

Reflecting on His Majesty the King's message from his 2014 speech in Abidjan, Ambassador Armani reminded that a vibrant and developed Africa is not merely a distant dream but a tangible reality achievable through decisive action today.

The Permanent Representative of the African Union to the United States of America, Ambassador Hilda Suka-Mafudze, commended the initiative, stressing inclusive debate and idea-sharing as crucial for African development. She echoed the AU's focus on comprehensively addressing education challenges and emphasized the need to bolster investments in critical areas.

During the panel discussions, Ambassador of Mauritania HE Cissé Mint Cheikh Ould Boide underscored the growing cooperation opportunities on the African continent, noting, "An African voice is emerging, gaining in political weight and influence, particularly with the prospect of Africa's next seat at the G20." Meanwhile, Ambassador of Rwanda HE Mathilde Mukantabana focused on a national perspective, referencing the Rwandan model to illustrate how history and education can propel a nation towards essential unity.

Speakers from Prosper Africa, Carnegie Endowment, and EDC underscored education's importance in the broader strategy for African progress, emphasizing key transformations like the digital revolution and climate challenges. They advocated for a green economy and the development of new skills to support Africa's growth, emphasizing the need for substantive debate to drive educational autonomy and leverage international partnerships for collective growth.

The event provided an opportunity for the audience to engage directly with the panel members. Particularly notable were the interventions from the Ambassadors of Uganda and Mali, who shared insightful perspectives on avenues for advancing the socio-economic development and welfare of the African continent.


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